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  • 9 70 2018 002
    Cooperative and nonprofit sectors, Sustainable development

      keywords: Social impact, Scaling, Microfinance, Community credit, Not-for-profit

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  • 12 January 2018
    9 70 2018 001
    Cooperative and nonprofit sectors, Corporate social responsibility

      keywords: Fair trade, Co-operatives, Developing countries, Local communities

      Mots clés : Commerce équitable, Coopératives, Pays en voie de développement, Communautés locales

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  • 9 70 2017 001A-C
    Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      keywords: Strategy, Funding, Social innovation, Dissemination

      Mots clés : Stratégie, Financement, Innovation sociale, Diffusion

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  • 15 November 2008
    9 70 2008 001
    Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      keywords: Cooptation, Environmental enacting, Resource sharing, Ecoliteracy, Environment management

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  • 15 December 2006
    9 70 2006 001
    Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      Mots clés: Gouvernance et association en milieu coopératif, Recherche d'une cohésion coopérative, Fonctionnement démocratique, Gestion coopérative

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  • 9 40 2019 007A-B
    Change management, Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      Mots clés: Projet alternatif, Innovation sociale, Communs, Autonomie, Possibles et impossibles

      keywords : Alternative project, Social innovation, Commons, Autonomy, Possible/impossible

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  • 9 40 2018 005
    Strategy, Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      keywords: Strategic management, Mergers, Non-profit, Health sector

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  • 9 10 2019 001
    Marketing, Cooperative and nonprofit sectors

      keywords: Marketing strategy, Social enterprise marketing, Reconciling social and environmental values with profitability

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