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  • 01 September 2020
    9 90 2020 001
    Accounting, Information technology

      Mots clés: Cryptomonnaie, Bitcoin, Minage, Chaine de blocs, Audit

      keywords : Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Mining, Blockchain, Audit

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  • 23 January 2023
    9 65 2023 001
    Information technology

      Mots clés: transformation numérique, tableaux de bord, média, péage numérique, visualisation de données

      keywords : digital transformation, dashboard, media, paywall, data visualization

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  • 9 65 2019 001A-C
    Information technology

      keywords: Customer relationship management, Information technology, Implementation, Enterprise system, Cloud

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  • 07 April 2017
    9 65 2017 001
    Information technology, Strategy

      keywords: Business model, IT infrastructure, Software development, Cloud-based software

      Mots clés : Modèle d’affaires, Infrastructure TI, Développement de logiciels, Infonuagique

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  • 9 65 2016 002A-B
    Information technology, SME management

      keywords: Project failure, Information technology projects, SMEs, Project risk management, Project vision

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  • 28 January 2016
    9 65 2016 001
    Information technology, General management

      Mots clés: Vol de données, Sécurité de l’information, Technologie, Paiement électronique, Cybercrime

      keywords : Information security, Electronic payments, Data breach, Cybercrime, Technology

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  • 9 65 2015 001
    Information technology, Change management

      Mots clés: Technologie de collaboration, Changement organisationnel, Diagnostic du processus, Adoption TI

      keywords : Process diagnosis, Collaboration technology, IT adoption, Organizational change

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  • 9 65 2014 002
    Information technology, Entrepreneurship

      keywords: Money laundering, Technology-enabled entrepreneurship, Terrorism, Business process maturity, Business and IT alignment, Alternative remittance systems

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  • 9 65 2014 001
    Information technology

      keywords: IT and business alignment, Multi-vendor sourcing strategy, IT department structure, Business value of information technology, Innovation with IT

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  • 15 April 2013
    9 65 2013 003
    Information technology

      keywords: Individual learning, Organisational learning, Culture, Change management, Communication

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