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Cardosa's Quest for Certification

Case 9 65 2013 003
Case published in the International Journal of Case Studies in Management, Vol. 11, No. 1
Author : 
Languages : 
  • English
  • Individual learning,
  • Organisational learning,
  • Culture,
  • Change management,
  • Communication
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Teaching notes included : 

In organizations, learning and the associated changes it brings cannot be forced. Individuals who act as "learning champions" within an organization need to be convinced of the benefits of the learning initiative themselves so that they can take the "positive" message to their teams and become key facilitators and enablers within the organization. Otherwise, their negativity can influence their team members, especially if the team members are not sold on the initiative in the first place.

Primary domain : 
Information technology
Secondary domain : 
Not available
Sectors : 
  • Professional, scientific and technical services
Source : 
Type : 
Traditional case 
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Year of start of the event : 
Not available
Year the event ended : 
Not available
Business size : 
More than 100,000
Teaching objectives

The key objective is to get students to think about:

  • The importance of stakeholder analysis when taking on any project or assignment in order to ensure successful completion of the task.