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Course Management Process for an Undergraduate IT Class at Scholastic University (The)

Case 9 65 2008 002
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  • English
  • Business process reengineering,
  • Information technologies,
  • Value-added activities
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Scholastic University is a small Canadian university. Until fifteen years ago, Scholastic was primarily a teaching institution. Over the last few years, greater emphasis was placed on Scholastic's research mandate. New hires are expected to produce high-quality research and to demonstrate teaching excellence. Professor Charlene Smith is a new tenure-track assistant professor of information systems. Each term, she teaches three sections of BMOD101, Business Modeling. As well as teaching, Professor Smith must work on her publications to build her tenure and promotion file. Because BMOD101 represents a heavy workload, Smith realizes that she may not be able to meet her research commitments. Your mandate is to analyze the course management process for BMOD101 and provide Smith with a solution that leverages information technologies to optimize her time and that of teaching assistants as well as other course resources.

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Information technology
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  • Education and training
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Traditional case 
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17000 students