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MP Maintenance: Developing a Marketing Strategy for a Social Enterprise

Case 9 10 2019 001
Case published in the International Journal of Case Studies in Management, Vol. 17, No. 2
Languages : 
  • English
  • Marketing strategy,
  • Social enterprise marketing,
  • Reconciling social and environmental values with profitability
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Teaching notes included : 

MP Maintenance was a social enterprise composed of several micro-businesses (landscaping, window cleaning, pressure washing, graffiti removal, litter pick up, etc.) offering transitional employment to individuals previously living on the streets. Like many budding social enterprises, MP Maintenance needed to carefully balance the organization’s social mission and the financial competitiveness of the services that it offered.

In May 2016, Matt Smedley, executive director and chief executive officer, and David Greaves, general manager, sat together in the company board room awaiting the arrival of the four college students who had agreed to help them develop a marketing strategy. Their common goal was to enable the social enterprise to continue to deliver on its mission – supporting the employees of Mission Possible – while generating an unrestricted flow of revenue. After seven years spent establishing and growing the business, a fresh set of eyes was welcomed.

Primary domain : 
Secondary domain : 
Cooperative and nonprofit sectors
Sectors : 
  • Other Services (except Public Administration)
Source : 
Type : 
Traditional case (Decision-making case)
Type of data used in the production of the case : 
Factual data that is not public wherein the identity of the company/person is disclosed
Event location : 
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Year of start of the event : 
Year the event ended : 
Not available
Business size : 
Small- and medium-sized
Main themes covered

Marketing concepts through the lens or perspective of a social enterprise

Teaching objectives
  1. Distinguish between a social enterprise and a traditional enterprise.
  2. Analyse the internal and external environment of a social enterprise.
  3. Determine whether an organization has a sustainable competitive advantage.
  4. Identify growth opportunities for a social enterprise.
  5. Evaluate growth opportunities for a social enterprise considering the dual objectives of social and financial performance.