Dartfish – How a University Spin-Off Became a Global Leader in Video Analysis Solutions

Numéro de cas : 9 40 2022 014
Cas publié dans la Revue internationale de cas en gestion, vol. 20, no 4
Date :  2022-12-04
Notes pédagogiques incluses :  Oui

Founded in 1998 in Fribourg, Switzerland, Dartfish developed a video technology able to track movement and trajectory. Its user-friendly analysis tools, known as the SimulCam and StroMotion, set it apart from the competition, allowing it to conquer three market segments: broadcasting and media; sports training and education, physiotherapy, and healthcare; and online video sharing. Being first in a market it had created and the recipient of extensive media coverage, Dartfish quickly expanded its international network to serve a wide spectrum of customers. Over time, however, the market became saturated with competitors popping up everywhere, and, rather than focusing on understanding and serving its clients’ needs, the firm worked to develop new technologies. Despite its apparent success, it eventually realized that it was spreading itself too thin and needed to rethink its value proposition.

The case provides a platform to explore the internationalization strategies adopted by Dartfish, a born-global firm, and the dos and don’ts of market expansion.

Objectifs pédagogiques

By the end of this case, students will

  • be familiar with the barriers and challenges faced by companies seeking to internationalize
  • be able to evaluate different scaling and market-entry strategies
  • understand the need to balance those strategies with the appropriate level of commitment and investment in technological advancement, building and maintaining customer loyalty, and dealing with competitors
  • understand the characteristics of born-global companies
  • have identified different internationalization strategies for technology companies
  • understand the dos and don’ts of international business expansion
  • understand the importance of brand building and customer retention
Discipline principal :  Management  - Entrepreneurship
Discipline secondaire :  Affaires internationales
Secteurs d'activité :  Services professionnels, scientifiques et techniques
Type :  Cas traditionnel (Cas descriptif)
Lieu de l'événement :  Switzerland
Année de début de l'événement :  1998
Année de fin de l'événement :  Non disponible
Taille de l'entreprise :  Petite et moyenne entreprise