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Private Participation in Indore City Transport: Metro Taxi

Cas 9 20 2012 002
Cas publié dans la Revue internationale de cas en gestion, vol. 10, no 3
Langues : 
  • Anglais
Mots clés: 
  • Social cost benefit analysis,
  • Public-private partnership,
  • Project appraisal,
  • City transport service,
  • Project finance
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Notes pédagogiques incluses : 

Indore is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, a centrally located province of India. A welcome change was ushered into the lives of the city's inhabitants on January 26, 2006, on the occasion of India's 56thRepublic Day. The city, which had a legacy of a deplorable public transport system operated by private interests, launched a fleet of ultra-modern, low-floor buses that greatly improved the public transport service. The cause of the jubilation was the brainchild of the local municipal authorities. The model deployed was that of a public-private partnership. A company by the name of Indore City Transport Services Ltd. (ICTSL) was incorporated on December 1, 2005, with the mandate to operate and manage the public transport system of Indore.

The case illustrates the evolution and execution of the project undertaken by PCCPL to operate the radio cab service in Indore. It further explores the dilemma faced by the promoter of Metro Taxi with reference to high operating costs due to delays in CNG (low-cost fuel) supply and the slated plans to expand the fleet size. The exhibits containing the financial forecasts, analysis and feasibility issues discussed in the case are intended to provide a good illustration of financial modeling, to foster class discussion and to facilitate students’ understanding. Primarily an illustrative case, this case can be used for courses on public-private partnerships, infrastructure financing, project appraisal and financing in the introductory modules, or modules related to transport/infrastructure in MBA, CPA, business graduate and undergraduate programs and executive education programs. Teaching notes are available for class instructors to facilitate teaching of the case.

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Non disponible
Secteurs d'activité : 
  • Transport et entreposage
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Cas traditionnel 
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Non défini
Lieu de l'événement : 
Indore, MP State, India
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Taille de l'entreprise : 
US$1.6 M
Objectifs pédagogiques

The case illustrates and encourages analysis and debate of the following aspects of project appraisal and financing:

  • Project structuring
  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Financial modeling and appraisal
  • Social cost-benefit analysis